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Classical Homeopathic Healing

Homeopathy allows for the possibility of restoring health on three planes: mental, emotional, 

and physical. My treatment plan with you will be to address all three of these 

with the goal of healing as completely, gently, rapidly, and curatively as possible. 

Extensive Intake Interview

We will sit together for a minimum of 90 minutes so that I can learn everything about you and your life. It sounds like a lot, but, you'll see: the time will fly by!

Treatment Plan

I will determine the optimal medicine for you right now. We will also discuss lifestyle, dietary, and supplement options, if indicated, all of which are geared to helping you optimize your body's capacity to heal itself.


We will meet in the months following your intake interview to assess how you are healing, how to dose your medicine, and to determine whether further medicines are required as your body potentially reveals new layers meriting attention.

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