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How to Report Symptoms

Always describe when your (or those of your child, if the child is the patient) symptoms began: state the circumstances around their origin, as well as all of the changes that have taken place since in your/their physical and mental/emotional states.

a) What was happening in your life just prior to the onset of the problem?

b) What were the sensations you felt when the problem first began? (e.g., “I felt a burning pain,” 

or, “I got all panicky and couldn’t breathe.”)

c) Did they come on quickly or gradually?

d) How has the problem changed over time?

e) What makes them better or worse?

In the Patient Intake Form I provide, mention all of your previous illnesses as well as the current one(s). A complete history of your health is important, even those suffered in childhood. I want to know everything about you, and no detail is too small or inconsequential, even if you think it’s not worth mentioning. It is! Homeopathy is predicated on strict scientific principles, which include complete non-judgment, so, although it may be uncomfortable, know that even ‘embarrassing’ problems are of fundamental importance to me finding you the perfectly-matching medicine.

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