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Patient Fee Schedule 

and Cancellation Policy

Investing in homeopathic treatment is wise:

 for less than the price of one recurring prescription, 

you may be alleviated of your suffering for life, 

with no side effects and no new drug-created diseases.

Many insurance companies are now accepting Homeopathy in their cover​age. Please check your policy to see if you are eligible.

Please request my brochure (click on 'Contact' above) 

for a full list of fees, covering:

Initial Consultation

Second or Extended Consultation

Follow-up Consultation

Acute Consultation (colds, flus, bee bites, fractures, etc.)

Telephone/Email Consultation


I will accept patients on an equitable sliding scale 

upon evaluation of your financial circumstances.

Please note that any time there is a new medication prescribed, or a change made in the prescription, the fee includes email, text, or short phone call follow-up check-ins to see how you are adjusting.

Accepted Payment Types:

Payment is accepted via e-transfer, PayPal, cash, and cheque. Fees must be paid within 48 hours of your visit.

Cancellation Policy:

Your appointment time has been reserved especially for you and, with little lead time, cannot easily be refilled. If you miss or cancel an appointment without having given 24 hours notice, you may be charged a portion of the fee, at my discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

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