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Everything You Need to Know About 

Taking & Storing Your Homeopa​thic Medicine

Your homeopathic medicine will be prescribed to you in either dry (pellet) or wet (liquid) form. In either case, always take the medicine under the tongue. If your prescription is wet, let it linger for a few seconds under the tongue; if dry, let it dissolve under the tongue without chewing and swallowing.

The mouth should be clean; that is, the mouth should be free of food, mints, gum, drinks other than water, etc. Please try to take your medicine away from food, at least 20 minutes before, or an hour after, any food or beverage is consumed.

More of a rare occurrence, in some sensitive patients homeopathic medicines can be antidoted by coffee and other strong stimulants and odours in the air, such as mint, menthol, tiger balm, essentialnoils, perfumes, etc. If you use aromatherapy at home, please open your medicine bottle in a separate room far away from the aromatic odours. Please consider avoiding using any mint products while you are takingnhomeopathic medicines. This includes strong mint toothpaste, mint tea, eucalyptus chest rubs, mint, lozenges, etc.

Marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens, and other psychoactive drugs have been known to antidote homeopathic medicines. Please let me know if you are using any of these and we can experiment to see if you can continue to take them while on homeopathic treatment.

If you suddenly stop deriving benefit from your homeopathic medicine that has otherwise been working, it could be that it has been antidoted by something in your environment. Please contact me right away and

we will assess together.

The pellets should not be handled too much or at all if possible, as touching the medicine could possibly contaminate it. It is best to place the pellets directly into your mouth from the vial without letting your mouth come into contact with the lid. If you are taking a liquid medicine, do not let the dropper touch your tongue or mouth.

Sunlight and extreme heat may affect the medicine. KEEP IN A COOL, DARK, ODOURLESS PLACE.

Please DO NOT put pellets back in the medicine bottle if they should spill out and fall on the floor. Please discard them.

Please DO NOT reuse empty medicine bottles for another medicine or for any other purpose.

Please DO NOT place or store your medicine on or near a television, microwave, cell phone, or other electromagnetic energy source.

If you are taking your medicine from a glass or dish, please wash it out immediately afterward.

Please contact me to make me aware if you are thinking of starting any new supplements or health treatments during the first couple of months of homeopathic treatment (medical emergencies excepted).

Do not take any other homeopathic medicines while under treatment without first consulting me, as they could interfere with your prescription and disrupt your healing.

Please follow your personal instructions carefully. If you have any questions or concerns about your homeopathic treatment in the first week following a new prescription, please contact me at no charge.

Please do not ever put your health at risk! If you have a health emergency, please go to your medical doctor or nearest hospital immediately. 

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