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Harmonious Homeopathy is dedicated to changing the world through the provision of clinical and pedagogical homeopathic services – one patient, one illness, and one mindset at a time – by demonstrating that there is another way to heal, a different way to think.

The human body is like 

a musical instrument...

When it is in fine tune, the sounds produced can be exquisite, the ability to blend harmoniously with other instruments effortless. When out of tune, however, we recognize that something is off, the notes fighting each other in painful disharmony. Similarly, our bodies need to be in fine tune so that every 'organ' system can work seamlessly together, the mind and the body in perfect partnership. 

The resultant melodious symphony

is what we call 'health.'

Homeopathy acts like a concert master, assisting the instruments to get back in tune. The medicines help your body to help itself as it fights disease, reversing the mistunement that illness has caused, in a gentle, rapid, and permanent fashion. So that you can 'conduct' your life in concert with how you compose it.

Homeopathy Founder Samuel Hahnemann

Robin Pollock

Hom, DCHomMed(Hons), FCHM, RSHom(NA)

Hahnemannian Homeopathy

Available to See You in Office or Via Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp

+1 416-888-1038

Registered Member of the 

College of Homeopaths of Ontario and the

North American Society of Homeopaths

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